Anita L. Johnson
Medium: Painting
Anita L. Johnson Artist’s Statement: Nature knows no bounds: She can create beautiful colors in every class of creature; She has created a wonder of color, shape, and light that has been copied, but never surpassed by humans. No modern technique can create a shape, form, a blending of colors whose phototype has not already been developed in nature. We base perceptions primarily on images of what we have seen.The shapes and colors define the object for us.Nature offers what at first glance appears to be a total random array of patterns and colors. However, for those willing to take the time to really see, there is a constant re-use of patterns and forms to be discovered. But even a lifetime could not be enough to capture them all. And, there lies the crux of my constant fascination with them. As Henri Matisse siad, “I don’t just paint things - but the way I see them.”