Dennis Bertram
Phone: 716-832-7928
Address: 384 Crescent Avenue
Address: Buffalo, NY 14214
Artist Website
Medium: Painting
Dennis Bertram is a resident artist at the Buffalo Arts Studio, Buffalo, New York. Artist Statement I compose paintings with imagery evocative of houses and buildings, used like building blocks, their differing arrangements responding to disparate ideas. The impossibility of making sound important decisions because of pervasive faulty information, competing interests, psychological pressure, is reflected in complex, dense patterns within paintings. The “scaffold” paintings are about extension and connectivity, structures clinging in nodes along scaffolding as if neural pathways, social networks or the universe connected through cosmic forces, reaching out to secure strength through those alliances, and extending beyond the picture plane, to the imagined. The structures, as “skyships,” are arranged in clusters, some bouquet-like, free-floating, falling or traveling within an indeterminate space. In the “reclaim” paintings, their incarnate nature is in full fruition, unbound, abandoning their primal domain to invade and physically deface, dominate naturalistic paintings, and assimilate in form and hue the conquered. The use of gold leaf, derived from religious iconography, solicits visual excitation and symbolizes spiritual redemption.