Elaine Martynkiewicz
Medium: Painting
I continue to explore encaustic, but have begun to add egg tempera to my paintings. I find this combination of materials works especially well with the series I am currently working on titled "Swash Zone". Defined as a constantly changing area, the swash zone is a region of beach alternately covered by flow uprush and backwash. The flow patterns and sediment transport caused by the movements are the focus of these works. The paintings are created by layering egg tempera using tiny brushes to create a network of fine lines that allow colors to blend optically. This is in contrast to using larger stiffer brushes, with less control for the areas covered in beeswax. I find the juxtaposition between the fine detailed areas and the rougher textured encaustic emphasizes the dynamics between the moving water and the small particles found in the environment. And, as the the work progresses, the act of painting begins to mimic the the physical process in nature as pigment covers, then changes what is beneath, creating something new.