Len Kagelmacher
Artist Website
Medium: Photography

The images I capture with my camera are no more than the shapes and forms that catch my eye, typically unintended reflections and textures projected by artificial structures. I’m especially drawn to unique perspectives and repetitive or distorted shapes that are unusual or representative of Nature having her way with man’s creation. Such are the limits of any meaning I ascribe to my images; it’s hoped that viewers will find their own.

Awards, Juried Exhibitions, Publications:

  • 2014 Book: poems (beautiful poems by Poet/Artist Norine Spurling)
    2012 Book: May, June and All the Years Before (works of Poet/Artist Donald Scheller)
  • 2009 Area Artists Show, Albright-Knox Collector’s Gallery
  • 2009 – Trilogies XIX, The Work of Three Artists
  • 2008 – Niagara Frontier Art Exhibit, Kenan Center, Honorable Mention Award
  • 2008 – 4th  Annual National Small Works Exhibit at the Art Dialogue Gallery in Buffalo; 3rd Place Award
  • 2008 Area Artists Show, Albright-Knox Collector’s Gallery