Rose Popper
Medium: Sculpture
The sheer mass and weight of stone frightens me…it becomes an object you respect. My work is derived from my close observations of nature…that which surrounds us with shapes, lines and textures…whether in flux, vibrating or motionless. I pull my ideas from this capricious nature…attempting to transfuse myself into the work. I strive to seize a stilled-metamorphosis, capturing the form changing from one shape or structure into another…prolonging this process at the moment of transformation. By utilizing the subtractive process with the aid of carving tools, I struggle to find the form. The resultant works reflect the dynamic tensions created between the inherent soft, flowing nature of the forms and the inflexibility of the material. Ambiguity between an obviously recognizable image and a non-familiar form is purposely placed on the viewer. The resultant images suggest at once the familiar, the foreign.