Tracey Beth Jung
Medium: Drawing, Painting
I have always had a srong facination with images that evoke a sense of history. My acrylic paintings on plexiglass have been inspired by many sources and movements found in recent as well as the distant past. The illuminated manuscripts found in Irish interpretations of the bible as well as the beauty of Art Nouveau and Art Deco inspired a series of simplified expressions. On the other hand, the architectural ink drawings which emphasize detail of the Victorian Era are another focus I have held for decades. Time and place highlighted in the ink rendering of the Carson Mansion in northern California is my most well known interpretation of "high" Victorian architecture. Over 400 hours of work comprise this house portrait which originated as a lumber baron's showplace and now houses a mens' club and historical landmark. And now a new approach to visual expression. I have begun to develop a deep interest in the nature of aviation of birds or simply the feather structure of various bird species.Prismacolor pencil, both dry and wet, are the media of investigation and may incorporate actual feathers from my personal aviary. But, as always, technique, beauty, and process are the ingrediants which bind the elements to create mesmerizing imagery.