BSA Today

Mission : Building on a legacy since 1891, we embrace visual exploration as critical to the voice of our time.

The Buffalo Society of Artists is one of the oldest continually operating arts organizations in the country. Started in 1891 to promote and expand the awareness of Western New York artists, we maintain the same mission today.

The Buffalo Society of Artists Constitution may be downloaded here.

We mount at least three exhibitions a year: a Catalogue Exhibition, an Open Members' Exhibition, and an alternative exhibition

We also provide members with lectures, workshops and studio visits throughout the year.

"A Brief History-The Buffalo Society of Artists/1891-1991" written by Albert L. Michaels and Russell Ram, and "President's Books", scrapbooks and records submitted by outgoing presidents, are held in the Archives Room at the Burchfield-Penney Art Center, Buffalo State College, Buffalo, New York,14222, (716) 878-6001.


2019 Officers
– Gary L. Wolfe
- Tara Sasiadek
– Dennis Bertram
Recording Secretary
– Nancy Cerny
Corresponding Secretary
– Robert Finn
Board of Director Chairs
- Frani Evedon, Communications
- Deanna Weinholtz, Membership
- Jacqueline Welch, Education
- Jacqueline Welch, Nominating
- Judy Hodge, Branding
- Jennifer Kursten, Fundraising
- Tara Sasiadek, Exhibitions
At Large
– Iris Kirkwood
Special Committees
Video Archive Project
– Beth Pedersen, Chair
2017-18Board of Trustees
John McKendry, Chair
Rita Argen Auerbach
Donna Jordan Dusel
Bryan M. Gorney
LeRoi Johnson
William C. Maggio
Grace Meibohm
Sally Moehlau
Sharon Osgood