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Steve Siegel Opens at the Carnegie

   A Solo Show by Steve Siegel

 Living Under the Bridge #1
 Living Under the Bridge #2
In the literal Sense we are referring to the wide spectrum of types of construction or physical shelter that we find in urban environments – from stately mansions to living under a bridge or overpass. Obviously there are socio-economic factors driving these choices.

In the meta-physical sense, GIMME SHELTER also refers to a very different set of constructs, those being ideas or theories containing various conceptual elements, typically considered to be subjective and not based upon empirical evidence. We build these constructsor filtersto impose limits and boundaries as well as to create expectations which are helpful to us in simplifying our view of the world through filteringour life experiences through them. These constructs help to provide us shelter from political and sociological ideas which we may find too complexor discomforting to reason out objectively.

Steve Siegel’s recent series of photographs explores urban life across many U.S. cities and challenges the viewer to confront their own personal views of the people and places that we encounter. 
 Opening Reception:
 Thursday, September 6, 6:30 to 8:30 pm
 Exhibition on view: September 6-29, 2018
  Carnegie Art Center
  240 Goundry St.
  North Tonawanda, N.Y. 14120