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Welcome New Exhibiting Members

On October 17, 2015, the BSA board reviewed works of several artist applicants. Please welcome the following 8 new exhibiting artists and plan to meet them on December 6 at the new members party.

Thomas Coyne is a graduate of Niagara Community College in Art History, and a member of several different art organizations in WNY area. He ‘has spent the better part of my life rearranging the world I see around me….it is I believe, the artist’s soul and very being that is injected into one’s work…I paint because I have no other skills. I found I could say things with color that I couldn’t say any other ways…Things I had no words for. It’s not so much an obsession as it is an inescapable desire to paint.”
Doreen DeBoth has a Master’s in Art History from SUNY Buffalo. Doreen has had a variety of teaching experiences, owns and runs her own gallery, is a contributing writer for Art Voice and has been involved in a variety of local arts organizations and related activities in the area for many years. She has had many solo and group exhibitions, routinely showing her work. “I do not try to make statements about my work, as truth and beauty are what I am communicating to the viewer. This has been a thread that has continued throughout my work regardless of the medium I choose to work with.”
Tim Brooks studied at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and has had many group shows over the past two years.  He is a digital artist who uses bold colors and paint-like brush strokes to transform photographs into works of art. “I am not a photo purest. For me the image is just the beginning. There are many layers of color and life just waiting to be revealed if only we open our mind to see it. I never want to be afraid of change in my photos or in my life. Change may not be easy to accept at first. Some images struggle to reveal their inner beauty while others quickly transform.”
Jeanne Beck has an MFA in creative writing, and has been producing art since 2008. She owns her own gallery in Rochester, NY and has been in many solo shows and invitationals over the last decade. She has received awards and has been in selected publications. Jeanne works in series; her 2014 work, ‘Fluttering pages” combines found fragments from texts and memories which transfer into sculptural wall works. Her most recent work, “The Relics” installation is part of the BPAC’s Art in Craft Media, 2015.
Norma Joy has a Master’s degree in Art Education from SUNY College at Buffalo and has taken other art courses since that time. She has had numerous art exhibitions in the WNY area over the past few years. Norma currently teaches out of her own studio.”…my art has served as a reflection of my interactions with life and the world. My focus has been human relationships and the processes and forces that shape the quality of these. Although personal experiences feed my work, I have come to believe that these moments carry on an archetypal quality….”
Brian Porter has an MFA from the New York Academy of Art and is a practicing artist in the figurative tradition. He currently is Assistant Professor of Art at ECC, Williamsville. Brian has produced bronze commissions for public and private patrons and has been in several statewide shows over the past decade. “My life long pursuit of understanding the human form and the complex nature of its replication in the visual drives my passion. The work often revolves around shared experiences of humanity. Powerful images lead to universally shared responses and experience. I use my work to reveal these experiences and continue an internal dialogue that can be shared by the viewer.
Marc Duquette has a degree from SUNY College at Buffalo in Fine arts and is currently enrolled in the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto, ON. He has been in several group and solo shows over the past six years. “My paintings are a reflection on various aspects of my life. I paint in the traditional relist style of the Old Masters, while employing contemporary themes. Metaphors are often used to illustrate a belief, experience, emotion or to convey my interpretation of an individual. I use light to accent physical beauty, create an underlying mood or drama, in addition to being a subject itself.”
Mara Odette came to Buffalo in 2011. She is a sculptor and painter who hs participated in a variety of group and solo exhibitions in the US and abroad. She has also illustrated a book and was an art teacher in Washington, DC. Currently Mara is co-owner of Casa de Arte.  “I not only like to paint and sculpt nudes, but also faces and gestures because the expressions in a face or in a body tell a lot more than words. I have long studied the human condition; life itself is the theme that occurs most frequently in my artwork.”