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Ted Pietrzak report on the BSA
Nov 10th, 2012

Changing technology, local economics, members’ expectations and an expanding art community in Western New York have all had some impact on how the BSA does business today and how it will continue to do business in the coming years.   In order to address these issues directly and with wisdom, the Board voted in June to retain the services of Ted Pietrzak, the former Director of the Burchfield Penney Art Center (BPAC) who is now working in his own consulting firm that “serves the communication, development, governance and management needs of not-for-profit organizations.”   Ted was chosen because of his knowledge and long-time support for BSA as well as for his solid reputation in and connection to the local arts community. He conducted an across-the-board analysis of the BSA’s strengths, challenges, opportunities and obstacles and has provided a report with specific recommendations for improving BSA’s organizational development, recruitment of volunteers, fundraising, responsiveness to members, collaboration with the community and strategies for realizing its vision for the future.  

To read the full report click here: FINAL_REPORT_The_Buffalo_Society_of_Artists-9-12-12.pdf