124th BSA Catalogue Exhibition
Sep 22 - Oct 27 2019


Mission Statement:

The overall purpose of creating the Video Portraits of the Artists and Sketches of the Artist series is to leave a recorded history of the many prominent artists in the Western New York area.  This will be achieved by video-recording individual visual artist’s oral history and their artwork as well as engaging them in a dialogue about their artwork.  These are brief segments on each artist and the longer recorded material is being archived at the Burchfield Penney Art Center for use in historical, educational and future cultural endeavors.  Selected artists need not be members of BSA.

Video Portraits of the Artists

Rita Argen Auerbach

Dianne Baker

Nancy Belfer

Jeanette Blair

Harvey Breverman

Todd Chalk

Charles Clough

Donna Jordan Dusel

Pat Fortunato

Walter Garver

Anita Johnson

LeRoi Johnson

Richard Kersting

Bill Maggio

Margaret Martin

John Mielcarek

Coni Minneci

Lynn Northrop

George Palmer

Russell Ram

Shirley Rosenthal

Andy Russell

Don Scheller

Victor Shanchuck

Norine Spurling

Dennis Stierer

Carol Townsend

David Vitrano

Gene Witkowski


Sketches of the Artist

“Sketches of the Artist” joins our series of “Portraits of the Artist” by offering insight into several of our prominent Western New York artists, but in a slightly different format.  In “Sketches” we were able to enhance older film footage in our possession by utilizing newer technology.  

“Sketches” will focus mainly on an artist’s work and will be shorter in duration.  In some cases, we may not hear the artist speaking due to the poor quality of the original film footage.  This newly created format may also be utilized going forward to present other artists no longer with us.

Betty Pitts Foster

Joan Hambleton

Mary Rizzo