Charles Houseman

Drawing, Painting

Charles Houseman
Seven Shuttles Seven Shuttles

Seven Shuttles

Seven Shuttles, 9" x 12", from an ongoing series based on the tools and materials of weavers.

Shaker Pegs Shaker Pegs

Shaker Pegs

8" x 8", 2021 Oil on Linen

Thrum Box Thrum Box

Thrum Box

7" x 5", oil on linen, 2021Thrums are cut-off ends of weavers warping threads.

Weavers' Challenge Weavers' Challenge

Weavers' Challenge

9" x 12", Oil on Linen, 2021

Winding Table Winding Table

Winding Table

12" x 14", oil on Linen, 2021 Weavers use bobbin winders for fibers to place in shuttles.

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