Michael Killelea


Michael Killelea
Glen Canyon Glen Canyon

Glen Canyon

Wind carved sculptures abound in the American Southwest, and especially here near Glen Canyon Dam.

Goose Stepping Goose Stepping

Goose Stepping

A parade of geese step through the snow, honking alerts to sheep inside the barn. This farm is quite an aviary with peacocks, guinea hens, chickens along with a few dogs, cats & goats.

Havana Street Havana Street

Havana Street

Cubans seem to welcome outsiders interested in them. This street scene in Havana was loaded with the curious watching an artist paint.

McKensie's Herd McKensie's Herd

McKensie's Herd

Rich McKensie's dairy herd keeps their barn warm even when the weather outside is below freezing.

Starr Road Starr Road

Starr Road

Rolling farmland is western NY.

The Elephant The Elephant

The Elephant

one of a collection mechanical moving creatures in Les Machines de L'ile in Nantes, France

The Plaka The Plaka

The Plaka

The Parthenon rises high above Athens and the area where democracy began.

Thu Bon River Thu Bon River

Thu Bon River

The beauty of the Vietnamese countryside has long outlived all the wars that have washed over it.

Top of the Hall Top of the Hall

Top of the Hall

Colorful terra cotta work makes the top of Buffalo's City Hall a beautiful part of the city skyline.

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