Ann Perry-Smith

Ann Perry-Smith

Creativity is maximized when you are living in the moment. Absorbing what is around you. Looking. Thinking. Feeling. Life changing ceramic art, any art, is created when we look at what is touching our own lives. What is personal and intimate and speaks to many because of those qualities. This inspiration, this reflection, this connection is what drives me to create. It has been my great pleasure to show my artwork locally and nationally, receiving awards on both levels. I am a Roycroft Master Artisan and Past President. My work is in numerous books and appears in collections all over the country. Since 1992, I have been an art teacher at Lancaster High School.


  • Feed - COVID response pieces using printed paper towel texture, tiny hands on sticks for “human contact”
  • Help - COVID response
  • Revenge
  • Revenge (close up)
  • She Walks On Your Grave
  • Spiney Seahorse Wallpiece
  • Talk - COVID response
  • Untitled

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