Audrey Kay Dowling

Audrey Kay Dowling

I am a complex, creative, and searching artist. Many things visually interest me. I get excited by new materials, exploring new places, looking carefully at things to find nuances of color, textures, unusual combinations, and the endless visual variation of life created by water, rocks, woods, fields, streams, mountains, city lights, architecture, and people.

My goal is to convey an appreciation for the visual treasures that surround me as I explore around outside. To me form is beautiful, color is exciting, movement is visually stimulating, and texture and patterns open my eyes and my heart to express myself artistically. I have turned to block printing at various times throughout my art career because I love the reduction of what I am seeing into shapes and textures and I like the process of cutting blocks and the sometimes unexpected that happens in the printing process. A little bit of unpredictability keeps me interested.

I also have been an active clay and paint artist for many years. Diversity in the mediums I use keeps my work fresh and my artistic explorations continuously flowing, but always my artistic vision and goals are to convey a deep appreciation of the natural world.

I attended SUNY New Paltz where I received my BS in Art Education. I also have an MS degree from SUNY Fredonia. I have continued to expand my artistic education through summer workshops at Alfred University and several painting and printmaking workshops.


  • Boundaries
  • Chickadees and Cardinal on an Icy Day
  • Full Moon Reverie
  • Jays in Summer
  • Lillies for Lily
  • Line of Birches
  • Sweet Signs of Spring
  • The Night Watchmen
  • Woods Sentinel
  • Untitled

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