Carol Case Siracuse

Carol Case Siracuse

Our art is a reflection of ourselves and how we "see" life. This means so much more to me today than it would have a few years ago. Since retiring from the practice of architecture, I feel I’ve been reborn as the artist I might have been had I continued with my fine arts pursuits after college. Today I bring 50 years of life experience to my work. I can express my creative urges and life experience in pen, pencil and watercolor, giving form to my visions and my passions, the landscape of our travels and home environment, especially the City of Buffalo, this amazing place. I studied printmaking and drawing in college, under the inspired guidance of Leonard Baskin. Moving on, I learned to apply my drawing talents to the practice of architecture, studying with Walter Gropius and Michael Graves. I learned that the best ideas from the best architectural talents get nowhere without that architect’s ability to explain his/her ideas on paper for the layman, and for the architectural team. My challenge today is to create drawings and paintings that combine my love of graphic and linear elements with my new found fascination with color. Today I can “draw on” my background as a printmaker and as an architect, applying these skills to my paintings and journal sketches. This challenge and my creative urges will keep me occupied forever more. What a privilege. My reward is simply contentment.


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