Doreen Boyer DeBoth

Doreen Boyer DeBoth

Scajaquada Creek is a favorite subject of mine, I’ve painted it many times in oils and watercolors and have used it in other mixed media pieces as well. Regardless of the many environmental issues connected with the creek, I still find much beauty in its really old trees, wild flowers that grow along its banks, birds, butterflies and color of the creek that changes according to the light of day,
My background in art history, interest in printing and a passion for the magic of photography, were the Inspiration for this piece. For mixed media works, I use whatever inspires me or whatever I've been collecting or saving in the attic or cellar over the years (in this case printing blocks) until an opportunity presents itself. I also developed a historical interest in events that happened along the creek during the War of 1812, creating two large oil paintings that were used during War of 1812 commemorations (2011-13), presentations, museum exhibits and published in books


  • RR Bridge at Niagara Street - watercolor on Kinwashi paper
  • Scajaquada Mona Lisa - Mixed Media
  • Untitled

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