Frani Evedon

Frani Evedon

Lakota shaman Lame Deer said, “The physical aspect of existence is only representative of what is real.” This existential notion suggests that layers of realities exist beyond the physical and that, through these realities, we communicate in a way that defines and reflects both individual and humanity’s transitions.  Photography is the conduit through which I communicate this idea using objects that (must) exist on the physical plane.

The underlying purpose of my work addresses synchronicity and explores issues that are based in the physical. It investigates the transitory nature of the physical on both personal and universal levels, and examines connections between them and their correlation to our collective condition.  Death is inevitable, but is death only the end of the physical?  Is it an extrapolation of a profound reality?

This philosophy permeates everything I do and have done as an artist and teacher.  We choose the paths we take, and we participate in the events occurring in our lives and in the world.  Every choice creates an event that contains intrinsic transcendent lessons, and it is our responsibility to discover what those lessons are.


  • Passing Through
  • Transmutation in Repose
  • The Blue Door

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