John Merlino

John Merlino

Bio: John Merlino
John Merlino resides outside Buffalo, NY in the town of Eden. When growing up, John’s parents nurtured and encouraged him to pursue his love of art. After his father’s passing when he was 10, his late sister Camille took him under her wing to support him in the arts. John traveled to Buffalo to attend weekly class studying under Anthony Sisti in his studio and also attending classes at the Albright Knox. John graduated from Eden Senior High School and went on to Daemen College in Amherst, NY where he studied Art History with an emphasis on human figure drawing and painting. John began working on his catalog of works with emphasis on his signature dry brush watercolor and John has had demonstrations and classes teaching this technique. John has won honors for both his realism & mixed media paintings: -Special Merit Award (Primal Encounter, Oct. 2018), Pattern Art Exhibit (online) -Honorable Mention Award (Dakota, Oct. 2018), Pattern Art Exhibit (online) -Special Recognition Award (Autumn in the Valley, Jul. 2017), Seasons Art Exhibit (online) -Special Merit Award (Autumn Wind, Jul. 2017), Seasons Art Exhibit -2nd Place Award, 24th Annual Juried Regional Artist Exhibition, Sudden Shift From the Cosmic Plane -1st Place Award, 20th Annual Juried Member Artist Exhibit, (In the Apple Orchard) -1st Place Award, Artist Competition, Straw Hat, Buffalo General Hospital


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