John Parascak

John Parascak

John Parascak has been involved in still photography and lighting for most of his life. He’s expanded his skills and the boundaries of the medium, creating works that are all at once deeply textured, dynamic and rich in ambience and emotion. John started shooting photographs and experimenting with time exposures when he was 15. His hobby soon grew into a career, and he began producing an array of commercial work — from professional portraits to news photos — while he was earning his associates degree in liberal arts. He continued freelancing as he charted a full-time career in photography and video production, doing everything from lighting to cinematography. John’s skill with time exposures continues to grow. He uses his free time to experiment in the medium, and he’s developed a deeper understanding of light and shadow. By combining this understanding with his photographic knowledge, John is able to paint with light, creating pictures that transcend photography into the realm of impressionism. You can find out more by visiting his website at


  • Before the Rain - 2016 - Light painting, time exposure.
  • Nimitta - 2015 - Light painting, time exposure.
  • Old Story - 2015
  • Willpower - 2011
  • Vent - 2012
  • Illuminated - 2011
  • 2017 - 2017

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