Judy Hodge

Judy Hodge

My work is a celebration of the earth - an homage to the value, the beauty the necessity of preserving our natural places, the places where we connect and find spiritual meaning. I intentionally bring bold energy and movement to my expression - the underlying meaning is to convey the natural kenetic power that drives any static moment captured in time.


Solo at the Hoyt - a 40 piece Exhibition of paintings

Permanent Installation - Renown Health, Reno Nevada

Exhibition. Nicole Harry Martin Spring Show: Erie Art Museum Artsy Shark Feature Artist article and online exhibition. Coming: July 2022 Carnegie - Solo Exhibition Past: Erie Museum Spring Show, Small Works Shows Winter, January 2021 Octagon Patterson Gallery - Love Affair with Nature, Solo n 2019 Sisti Gallery, BSA Catalog Exhibition 2019 Red Barn Gallery of Contemporary Art. Chatauqua 2019 Hoyt Regional Exhibition 2019 Solo Exhibition Canvas Salon & Gallery
2019 Moving. Still. Solo Exhibition Gallery 1045 2018 Special Recognition Light Space & Time Online Gallery 2017 Winner Gold BSA Catalog Show at the BCAT 2017 Representation by Painted Finch Gallery 2017 Springville Center for the Arts - Highways and Byways 2017 Wild America - Panama Rocks 2017 Mixed Media Watercolor Kenan Center In 2011 I had the honor of illustrating a book written by Gerda Weissman Klein - "One Raspberry"

My landscape paintings are painted to reflect the power and glory of nature, our gentle giant whose forms are constantly under siege by our own assumptions that preservation is a given. Movement and light. I am drawn to the beauty and the unseen and surging power of stillness. I work in large scale acrylic and oil,  and in smaller scale pastel and mixed media watercolor.


  • Apple Trees Campbell Road - Acrylic on canvas 30 x 24
  • Old Mill, Canada - Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 24
  • West Coast Storm
  • Autumn. Akron Falls Park Reduction. For Sale: jhodge@urbanmindshare.com
  • Letchworth Early Fall - 24 x 30 Acrylic on canvas
  • Coastal Churn - For Sale: jhodge@urbanmindshare.com
  • Meadow and Thistle
  • Daffodils Touched by Dawn.
  • Red Flowers
  • Glads and Rose Hips
  • Wild
  • Letchworth September - Available for purchase at www.laughingbrush.com
  • Hidden Lake. Late Afternoon. 40 x 30 Acrylic. Available at www.laughingbrush.com
  • The Wind and the Water Made a
  • Walk in the woods
  • Final Moments
  • Waiting


MFA University of Buffalo - mentors: Walter Prochownik, Seymour Drummlevitch, Tony Conrad, Sheldon Berlyn


2017 BSA Catalog Show, Gold

2021 BSACatalog Show,  Gold


Artrepreneur - Orange Book First Edition

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