Paris Roselli

Paris Roselli

Paris Roselli is a Buffalo native who grew up experiencing the decline of Western New York’s industrial economy. He was fascinated by the hulking remains of the machine-age and wondered how we got here and what stories they might still have to tell. Similarly, Gaston Bachelard (in his ‘Poetics of Space’) wrote about people and buildings existing together in an emotional and personal context – influencing how people lived, worked, and innovated. These same concepts drew Paris closer to his subjects.

As a result, Paris’s attention has focused primarily on landscapes and industry in the USA and Europe. Paris has enjoyed observing, capturing and sharing the impact of evolutionary processes - structural birth, decline, and rebirth are the only real constants. This is inspirational and holds hope for the future.

Paris began creating in the 1980’s as a traditional film photographer. As digital image-making improved in the early 2000’s, he added it to his toolkit. Lately, Paris has used these digital tools to create imagery that couldn't be crafted with traditional film. For example, 'hacking' digital cameras to make them sensitive to non-visible light and generating 'full-spectrum' color imagery that captures an experience invisible to the human eye. More recently, he has been using photo stacking and macro photography to explore the micro-world of electronic machinery.


  • Black Lodge
  • Heaven - 1995
  • Nieuw Werklust, The Netherlands - Nieuw Werklust, The Netherlands
  • RCA Electron Tube - 3E29 - RCA Electron Tube - 3E29
  • Untitled

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