Steven Peet

Steven Peet

My work seeks to explore the commonplace and often ignored parts of our built environment, especially the things that exist for the purpose of enabling of our lifestyles; I’m drawn to the unnatural, mostly urban, subjects that are responsible for this. Confronted with the seemingly sterile and nonthreatening parts of our everyday experiences, a reality begins to emerge that is deeply broken and unjust. I am studying what it means to be born into, and dependent on, the synthetic environments we have made. By putting aside the convenience of detachment, the work seeks to uncover a sort of reverence to the everyday ploddings through and scrapings together of our simple lives, while exposing our contrived innocence as the foundation of the system that is destroying us.

Steven Peet attended the University at Buffalo and the Henry van de Velde Instituut in Antwerp, Belgium, earning both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Architecture. Working full-time as a licensed architect in Rochester, NY, he has embraced art as a paradoxically stabilizing yet constructively disruptive force. An avid sketcher, he has adopted acrylic paint for his more serious exploratory efforts. Art has always been fundamental to his manner of thinking, and his primary tool for perceiving and attempting to understand the world.


  • Billboard - 10x10in acrylic on canvas
  • Delivery - 10x10in acrylic on canvas
  • Untitled

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