Susan Copley

Susan Copley

I work on several series at a time, but all are references to abstract landscapes, whether close up for far away. Shadings in the "Banner" series refer to overlapping colors relating to one another, the "Big Sky" series highlights a night sky, and the newest, "Color and Light" series relates to the natural world of sculptural shapes in our environment with bursts of color found amongst plants, trees and open fields. As in "Watching the Clouds" go by, of 2018 the image of a large falling waterfall is the central focus of the landscape. and is in the permanent collection of the Burchfield-Penney Art Center.

My paintings relate to memories of a landscape in an abstract way that is my own. It doesn't describe a specific place but the elements of shape and natures colors inform my work. The book, titled Then and Now, Four Decades of Painting", describes each series of paintings from my Herringbones of the 1980's to the present Landscapes of 2018, such as "Watching the Clouds Go By" where you see an image of clouds stretching from the top of the very large unstretched canvas to the bottom of the water falling to a splash. Some of the earlier works will be in my solo exhibition opening October 5th at the gallery, 1045 Elmwood with a book signing dedicated to my many years of painting. Susan Copley, 2018


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