Members of the Buffalo Society of Artists:

This March we will be continuing our association with the Buffalo Public Schools Department of Arts through our “Sketchbooking with Young Artists” program. The program connects young artists in grades 5-8 with members of the BSA. The aim of the program is to provide a creative outlet for young students as well as an opportunity for members of the BSA to inspire and instill a love of art in future generations.

The program connects BSA members to the students in a virtual classroom. We meet bi-weekly for an hour-long work session during the months of March, April and May. BSA members would meet with students on a rotating basis during this period. That means you would not be expected to meet with students at each session. This helps lighten the work load on all participants.

Prospective members will need to be cleared to work in the Buffalo Public Schools. This requirement entails submitting fingerprints to clear the NYS required background check. If you have previously worked in a school setting or have volunteered with the Buffalo Public Schools, you may already be eligible. If not, the requirement can easily be met through an IdentoGO, a facility with multiple locations in the area. The drawback is that there is a cost associated with the process that would need to be covered by the member.

Questions regarding the program or the responsibilities should be addressed to Catherine Shuman Miller or Christopher Galley.

We hope to hear from you. Together we can help inspire a future generation of artists to keep our organization strong.

Thank you,

Catherine Shuman Miller

Christopher Galley

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