Distinguished Buffalo visual artist Terri Katz Kasimov—perhaps best known to Hallwalls audiences for her collaboration with the late, great experimental novelist Raymond Federman on a series of collages inspired by his acclaimed Holocaust surfiction The Voice in the Closet—created this more recent series of 21 collages (each 18″ x 24″ on Fabriano 100% rag paper) in 2001 and 2002, after her family’s close brush with the horrors of 9/11.

9•11cwk is being installed in Hallwalls’ Cinema in conjunction with the September 6th literary event, Ten Years Later: Where Are We Looking Now?, and will remain up through at least the week of September 12th. It can be seen at several Hallwalls events September 6–14, including the gallery opening and artists’ talks on Friday, September 9th, and upon request during hours that the gallery is open. The artist will be in attendance on September 6th and September 9th.

Check http://www.hallwalls.org/visual/5138.html for more details.

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