It has been an honor to serve on the Buffalo Society of Artists Board of Directors for 6 years – first as Communications Chair and then as President. When I first joined the Board, I was determined that the BSA become more visible in a positive manner. We were considered to be old and stodgy and we couldn’t articulate any reason why anyone should join. As I leave the board, I know that there is a younger generation joining us who is anxious to both honor the past and welcome the future. We should be relieved that our legacy continues as the second oldest visual art organization in the country.
We have seen much progress over these years. I did not do any of this alone. The various Board members and volunteers supported our efforts to effect change in our organization.
If I thanked everyone by name, I would be played off by an ever-increasing volume of music until finally yanked offstage by a hook. But this means that no one person goes it alone. Just because something has always been done one way doesn’t mean it should always be done that way. Let’s make room for new ideas or we will lose the young energy that is propelling us forward. Because this is what BSA is: an organization for artists who support artists. May our legacy continue forever.

Here are some of BSA’s accomplishments in the past 3 years

*BSA Constitution revision and vote, changing Board structure
*Resource Development Committee created
*Spark Awards: Beth Pedersen– Unsung Hero & Michele Agosto-Trailblazer in the Arts
*Repurposed for online exhibitions and applications for exhibiting member designation
*New Tagline: Explore, Create, Inspire replaces Art: The Heart of Smart as per membership vote
*Black Lives Matter statement on Facebook and Instagram
*ASI invited BSA to be part of “Reopening Together” video
Association Voting used to affirm Board slate with mail in ballots for those without computers.
*Revised Jurying for new members
*New Members Handbook Revision
*Garden Walk Paint-Out: East Buffalo and West Buffalo locations
*130 Year Celebration with 5 exhibitions
*New Website Development
–NYSCA DEC Grant funding for Sketchbooking for Young Artists
–$2,500 Grant from the Baird Foundation for the Video Archive Project
–Oishei : $75K over 3 years for Community Engagement Director (hired in October 2022)
–ASI Give for Greatness: $750 for office furniture
–Wendt Foundation: $5000 for computer, printer, and general office supplies
–The Stenclik Family Charitable Fund: $6,000 for website development
*Collaborated with Peter Hunt to create C. Stuart and Jane H. Hunt Gallery (officially opened on April 14th) Office space and signage in exchange for continued BSA involvement/consultation

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