Tim Brooks
Phone: 716-310-8853
Address: 31 Cadman Dr.
Address: Williamsville, NY 14221
Artist Website
Medium: Photography, Digital Art
“Smashed Butterfly” is the name of my first original piece of art. I had to be around 3 years old at the time and while most children scribbled images due to lack of motor skills, I distinctly remember being inspired by an actual butterfly that was “smashed” on our sidewalk. It was not the beautiful wings that usually inspire people but the disarray of the body parts and the smudged colors on the concrete “canvas” that drew my attention. Shortly afterwards, my mother asked me to draw in my baby book as a keepsake. I scribbled diligently at the drawing and proudly showed it to mom. When she asked what it was, I told her it was a smashed butterfly. A bit disturbed by my response my family got an early clue that I would grow up to see the world differently. There were a lot of smashed butterfly drawings that year. With the turn of a new century the digital world has opened a medium that finally lets me create the images I have always seen in my photographs. I do not layer images but rather reorient the pixels to distort and create brush like stokes that emulate the movement and emotion that originally inspired me. Using a giclee printing process on thick textured watercolor paper allows me to create depth and richness beyond what I can print on traditional photo paper.