Ross Drago
Artist Website
Medium: Painting
Ross G. Drago is a painter, writer, and inventor of an energy symbol visual language used throughout his modular, interactive oil paintings. Born in Buffalo, New York, the son of Buffalo painter, Ross J. Drago, Ross G. Drago grew up painting under his father’s guidance.He has a BA Degree in painting and sculpture from SUNY. As a writer, his trilogy Buffalo Boy 1-2 and 3 series are books of short stories that describe his most personal and spiritual teachings in Buffalo, New York and Berkeley, California. His California painting commissions include several public works for Berkeley and Palo Alto, California as well as the Berkeley Jewish Community Center mural, and the Berkeley Bowl Marketplace permanent painting installations. Drago has authored several novels and non-fiction books including Identity Is the Crisis, Painting a Pathway Home, Sky Mind, Vertical Shift and Of the People. He was the founder and Director of the Energy Art Studio in Emeryville, CA for the past thirty years before returning to live in Buffalo in September of 2018. Ross may be contacted at