Member's Achievements

Mary Wyrick and Brenda Molloy Take Top Honors at The Carnegie

Accordian Solo, Mary Wyrick, acrylic   First Place          Heart Field, Brenda Molloy, digital fractals, Honorable Mention


BSA member Mary Wyrick was awarded First Place - a solo show - at the Carnegie Art Center Member Show for her acrylic painting Accordian Solo.  Brenda Molloy was awarded Honorable Mention for her digital fractal piece, Heart Field.

The works were judged by artist Bruce Adams.  Of Mary Wyrick's work, Adams said, "Plenty of wit here, along with keen commentary on society. Art as a reflection on everyday life, looking backward to the not too distant past to reveal truths about who we are today. Nicely painted, too, without pretense."  Of Brenda Molloy's piece, he said, "This photograph experiments with process, producing something of a delightful mystery as to what we are looking at."