Todd Overturf
Artist Website
Medium: Drawing
I feel my art portrays a strong sense of place with dramatic lighting and expressive color. I consider my landscapes to be spiritual documents of my travels throughout the United States and abroad. In recent years, Cape Cod has become a favorite subject of mine. I never tire of the color, the quality of the light or the raw beauty of the Cape. My landscapes are done both Plein Air and in the studio. I also produce still lifes which tend to be more personal, contemplative, compositional works. Pastel is my preferred medium. It is the perfect marriage of both the drawing and painting disciplines. It is a very spontaneous medium, allowing calligraphic and painterly applications of bold, pure color. I want the evidence of my hand or the “mark making” to be seen. I do not mechanically blend my colors but prefer to use strokes to optically mix the desired hue. Although my work is representational, I consider myself an expressionistic colorist. My pastels are influenced most strongly by the American Impressionists. I feel that they took the work of the French Impressionists and gave it an American bravura through their unique use of color and paint application.